Henry Hagan Russell

About Russell

Henry Russell, who went by H. H., ran the successful Russell Clothing Store located in the cities of Marshall, Clinton, Sedalia, and Warrensburg. H. H. served our city as mayor and was very active in pursuing an air base in the area. His grave is surrounded by family and lies cattycorner to the Vivian Cheatham DeFur Monument.

Giving Person

Over the years, many citizens of Warrensburg gave of themselves in order to make the city and the lives of other people. Henry Hagan Russell was one of these giving people. His commitment to the community was astounding and Warrensburg residents deeply appreciate his leadership. Following is a short list of general information and accomplishments of the life of H. H. Russell.

Named in the honor of his grandfather Henry J. Russell, H. H. Russell was born in November of 1898. After graduating high school in 1916 and marrying his lovely bride Ida Mae Wolfe two years later, H. H. would go on to serve Warrensburg in many ways. When he perished in 1984 at 85 years old, our city lost one of the most significant men in our history.

Russell Brothers Clothing Company

During the spring of 1919, Russell would take over the leadership of the Russell Brothers Clothing Company and expand it to a new location and triple its size. He would later franchise his store into three others and serve the surrounding area with high quality clothing and extremely fair prices.


  • Russell was an active member of the Warrensburg City Council for four years between 1957 through 1961.
  • Russell was the mayor of Warrensburg for four years from....
  • In 1950, he was an active participant on the Community Council which assisted in reactivating Whiteman Air Force Base.
  • The Knob Noster State Park (Montserrat State Park) was created during his time as Chamber of Commerce President back in 1935 to 1936.
  • He was the leader of the Hale Lake Road Committee which led the mission to create a highway linking Knob Noster with Warrensburg which is currently known to the community as Highway DD.
  • H. H. held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol.
  • Additional downtown parking lots were added because of the active pursuit of the committee which Russell led.
  • Russell was an active Shriner and a member of the Hound Dawg Shrine Club.


As a long time Elks Lodge member, Russell's leadership included the following titles: Exalted Ruler, District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler, Grand Esteemed Lecturing Knight of the Grand Lodge System, Grand Lodge Credential Committee Member, and even the esteemed position of President of the Missouri State Elks Lodge Association.

For over 20 years, Russell was the state leader for the Elks National Foundation which awarded over 80 scholarships to high school students who desired to broaden their education by attending a college or university. Moreover, Russell was one of only five people in the entire country who served on the Grand Lodge Youth Activities Committee.

Winfrey B. Russell

As a military veteran, Russell proudly became one of the original 50 members of the American Legion Post 131. The American Legion Hall was acquired during his term as post commander.

Board of Education

He served the educational system of Warrensburg with his 6 year tenure on the Board of Education and even became school board president in 1950.

Winfrey B. Russell

In honor of his father (Winfrey B. Russell who was known to the community as the "Sports Fan One" of Warrensburg), H. H. hosted an annual fall sports banquet for both college and high school teams.