Dog Licenses

License application information (printable letter in documents)

Applicants must have a valid address within the city limits to process a license application. If you have a future move in date or do not have a permanent address for the location we will not be able to process your request.
We do realize that some rental properties are requiring a license to acquire a particular apartment or house but by policy we do not issue licenses until the applicant has taken possession of the location.

About Dog Licenses

All dog owners who reside within the City limits are required to obtain a dog license. The dog must be six months of age and be vaccinated against rabies. The owner must bring proof of vaccination/spayed-neutered from their veterinarian. The fee is $5 if the dog has been spayed/neutered or $10 if the dog has not been spayed/neutered.

Note: Dog Licenses are needed to assure all dogs residing in the City limits have current rabies vaccination.


Dog licenses may be obtained at City Hall:

102 South Holden Street

Warrensburg, MO 64093

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