Fire Department Student Resident Program

The Student Resident Program is currently under revision, check back in January of 2024 for updates!

The Warrensburg Fire Department Student Resident Program was developed in conjunction with the University of Central Missouri in 1996 to give college students an opportunity to gain work experience, training, and room and board while going to school.

The Warrensburg Fire Department provides fire suppression, rescue, EMS, fire prevention, and emergency management services to the citizens and visitors of Warrensburg, MO.  The Fire Department operates out of two fire stations.
  Fire suppression, rescue, and first responder activities are provided by three full time shifts that rotate on a 24 hour on duty, 48 hour off duty rotation.  Each shift has 7 personnel which includes a Battalion Chief and two Engine Companies.  The crews also prepare pre-incident plans for businesses and apartment buildings in the city, conducts training, perform fire hydrant maintenance, and station and vehicle maintenance.  This full-time staff is supported by up to 18 part time firefighters and up to 6 student resident/part time firefighters.  This part time staff can respond to larger incidents when requested by on duty personnel.  When full time openings arise in the fire department, they are filled from within the part time staff prior to accepting applications from outside the department.

The student resident program began with the addition of Station #2 in 1996.
  This construction included six single occupancy dorm rooms with bed, dresser, shelving and a desk included.  Since that time more than 50 University of Central Missouri students have used this program to gain training and work experience opportunities provided through a full-time fire department.

The goal of the program is to create and maintain a program to benefit both the participants in the Student Resident Program and the Warrensburg Fire Department.
  The department provides career awareness and training in the fire service, hands on experience of day-to-day fire operations, leadership and growth opportunities.


The students will be offered a dorm style room to occupy at Warrensburg Fire Department Station 2. This may be used as the primary residence of the student during the program.  The cost of the room and access to the stations facilities is $400 per month, including the summer months.  Students that do not stay over the summer will not be charged an occupancy fee.  Some semesters end and start partially into a month.  If a room is occupied for less than the month, fee’s will be assessed as per policy.

Acceptance of participation and use of the residence is voluntary.  Students will keep the residence facility in clean and neat order, and in good repair, reasonable wear and tear excepted.  Failure to keep the residence in good repair and clean and neat condition can result in exclusion from the program.  The station is furnished with access to a washer and dryer, television, computer access, kitchen supplies, and furniture.  Student rooms are furnished with a bed, a dresser, and a desk.

Acceptance into the program will continue until the student graduate’s college, leaves the program, or is dismissed from the program.

Required Hours

Each member will complete sixty hours of ride time a month, which will be compensated with an hourly rate spelled out on the pay schedule for student residents.  This time is in addition to any hours worked as minimum manning or call back.

The student will be assigned a shift and a Captain to report to.
  The 60 hours of ride time per month must be scheduled in advance and will be posted on the work schedule prior to the first of each month. The required 60 hours will be broken into 15-hour increments.  This timeframe may be adjusted with the authorization of the Battalion Chief of the shift effected.  Should any student participant work in excess of 106 hours in a fourteen-day work period, they shall receive overtime compensation at 1 ½ times their hourly rate.

When riding the apparatus, the student will be a part of the crew (not counting as minimum staffing) reporting and taking direction from the Captain or Crew Chief. The student may be given various assignments ranging from assisting the Apparatus Driver, to being involved in life safety situations (depending on training level). The student may request to join another division of the Fire Department in doing its duties, for example code enforcement, pump testing, or public relations activities. The time spent in these activities may be counted toward the required hours of Ride Time.

Student Residents are subject to the same policies as Part-time Fire Fighters and will receive the same uniforms and protective gear.

Expectations during Ride Time

The student will be an additional member of the duty crew during this time and is to follow the same policies as the duty crew. Students are to sleep in the bunk room, or in the same area as the on-duty crew when doing ride time.  This ensures a joint response and reduces in route times. Training will occur during each session.  

Educational Requirements

  1. Undergraduate Student Firefighters will be full-time status at a university or college during the Fall and Spring regular semesters. The student shall be degree seeking. Full-time status is defined as set forth in the college or university handbook for baccalaureate and associate degrees, and at least 6 credit hours for graduate degrees and post-graduate courses. There is no fulltime status requirement for residency over the summer semester.  The student will provide a copy of their university or college handbook.
  2. The standard by which eligibility for continued employment will be determined is the cumulative GPA. Students are to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in order to be employed by the Warrensburg Fire Department


  • 23% of the former Student Residents were hired on to Warrensburg Fire Department as full-time firefighters
  • 81% of the former Student Residents completed their degree
  • 73% of the former Student Residents were hired full-time into Fire, Police or EMS services.
  • Departments that have hired former Student Residents include:
    • Warrensburg Fire Department - Missouri
    • Kansas City Missouri Fire Department - Missouri
    • Kansas City Kansas Fire Department - Kansas
    • St. Louis Fire Department – Missouri
    • University City Fire Department - Missouri
    • Mehlville Fire Protection District – Missouri
    • Gladstone Fire Department – Kansas
    • Lee’s Summit Fire Department – Missouri
    • Central Jackson County Fire Protection District – Missouri
    • Olathe Police Department – Missouri
    • Hannibal Police Department – Missouri
    • Johnson County Ambulance District – Missouri
  • Former students have excelled in the profession.  They have accumulated the ranks of Captain, Battalion Chief, 1st Deputy Fire Chief and the last Missouri Department of Public Safety Deputy Director & Chief Operating Officer was a former student.
  • See the complete Student Resident Program policy.
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