Last Name - A

Shelton S. Abney Jr.

Stationed in Warrensburg as a member of the Highway Patrol, Shelton Abney proudly served his country as a member of the military police during World War II. Shelton played collegiate football at the college now known as the University of Central Missouri and lays beside his loving wife Nadine.

American Legion

Standing at attention in the center of Sunset Hill is a nine foot tall monument honoring those who gave their life for our country. Draped in the shadow of the American Flag, this tribute created by the American Legion pays respect to the fallen heroes of World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. The American Legion has been placing flags on the graves of deceased soldiers since before the second World War and even use to have a special presentation on the evening of Memorial Day. Perhaps no organization in our country has done more for cemeteries than the American Legion and Warrensburg is extremely thankful for their help and support.

Charles M. Anderson

The tombstone of Charles M. Anderson, who perished in 1918, is actually in the shape of what appears to be an above ground coffin. Perhaps this was the family's way of saying that not even death could keep him down.

O. Kenneth Andes

Arriving back from service with a flag draped over his coffin. Kenneth was killed in action during battle in 1944 and his gravestone is engraved with the statement, "He Died For His Country." Kenneth is buried beside his parents.

Richard G. Antrim

The remains of 16 year old Richard Antrim, who died just 8 months prior to John F. Kennedy's assassination, lies about 25 paces east of the American Flag. An actual picture of Richard, along with all his youthful ambition, is forever cemented to the gravestone covering his eternal resting place.