Last Name - G

Katura Hall Gallaher (Gillum)

Underneath a stone tree with a cross engraved into it, lies the remains of a young wife of John A. Gallaher named Katura Hall Gallaher (Gillum). Located a stone’s throw away from the Confederate Monument, one can view this fossil. Interesting enough, located right next to Catherine’s grave is John’s second wife Pauline G. Gillum. Her grave is also marked with an unusual structure: a large vase with a sundial on top.

Harry R. Garrison

Like president Grover Cleveland, Harry Garrison was an official on two separate locations. He served Warrensburg as mayor from 1929 through 1933 and again from 1947 through 1955. Garrison also served on the Board of Regents at CMSU and there was some gossip from high ranking political associates in Kansas City about Garrison running for governor. Garrison worked as the editor of the Standard Herald which has become the Warrensburg Gazette.

Martha E. Gilbert

In a time when only a few women volunteered for the armed services, Martha Gilbert was active in the Woman's Army Corps during World War II. After proudly serving our nation, Martha returned to Missouri and became a school teacher.

Leonard Goodall

In a grave marked by the name Goodall, lies the inventor of the horizontal engine who was helped along by a small engine manufacturer. Despite having a wooden leg, Goodall overcame all adversity and ran a successful manufacturing and lawn mower company here in Warrensburg. When antagonists questioned his theory stating that the pistons placed sideways would run out, Goodall scoffed at their attacks. Time proved him right.

Myrtle T. Goodwin

Near the southeast corner of Sunset Hill lies perhaps the oldest person in it, Myrtle T. Goodwin. Born on December 30, 1887, her 108 year, 7 month and 29 day life ended on August 27, 1996. She is buried near her family.

Noel B. Grinstead

Grinstead Hall, a building located at Central Missouri State University, is dedicated to the honor of Noel Grinstead. For years, Noel taught industrial arts at the college and he is buried beside his wife Berne and his parents.

Benjamin W. Grover

Lying beneath the shade of a large tree about 30 yards away from the East Entrance, lays an entire section dedicated to one of Warrensburg's most time honored families. As one of the founding fathers of Warrensburg, Benjamin Grover served Missouri in the Senate and his effort became the main reason for bringing the railroad through Warrensburg.

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John C. Grover Jr

In a section dedicated to the Grover Family, one will notice the gravestone of John C. Grover Jr. When this military man passed away in 1987, his corpse was cremated. Some of John's ashes were buried with his family at Sunset Hill. The rest of his remains are proudly stationed in Washington D.C. at Arlington National Cemetery.