Training and Professional Development

Division Chief - Matthew Soer
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Training is an important part of the fire department and we train regularly to stay up to date on techniques and methods.

We have a full time training officer to ensure that training is conducted regularly and the subject matter is compliant with national standards.  We have a training facility located at station two and are able to simulate a variety of scenarios including live fire scenarios.

In addition to the training officer, we have certified instructors to assist in course delivery.  We also work with surrounding departments to prepare for large scale emergencies.

2022 Training and Professional Development Hours: 11,770

Upcoming Training Events

Course Dates Open/Closed Contact
Leadership from the Front Right Seat* December TBD Open 660-262-4652
Initial Response to Collapse* April 2-3 2024 Open 660-262-4652
Large Area Search* May 7-8 2024 Open 660-262-4652
Classes marked with an * are state funded