Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Commission


Annually in July or as needed.


The TIF Commission shall function as a permanent part of the city government until terminated by action of the city council. The commission shall administer the provisions of article VI of the City of Warrensburg Code of Ordinances.  

TIF Commission Bylaws

TIF Commission Policies and Procedures


The commission shall consist of eleven (11) members, who shall be appointed as set out below:

(1) Six (6) members appointed by the mayor of the city, upon approval of the city council.

(2) Two (2) members appointed by the school district in which the project is, or is to be, located.

(3) Two (2) members appointed by presiding commissioner of Johnson County, upon approval of the county commission.

(4) One (1) member appointed by agreement of all other districts levying ad valorem taxes within the city. This member may not be a council member of the city council of the City of Warrensburg.

*Eligible for reappointment
Members Position Term Expiring
Jim Kushner Mayor, City Council Representative N/A
George Wilson Member, County Rep. N/A
Greg Hall Vice-Chair, Member 2026
Jonna Albert Member 2026
Dr. Steve Ritter School District Rep. N/A
Shane Lockard Taxing District Rep. N/A
Scott Holmberg Chair, Member 2026
Dr. Troy Marnholtz School District Rep. N/A
Vacant Member 2021
Linda Schnakenberg Member 2026
Vacant Member 2022
Mark Reynolds Member, Secretary-Treasurer, County Rep.  N/A

Duties & Responsibilities

The commission may exercise the powers of the city in relation to development and redevelopment plans and projects, except final approval of plans, projects and designation of redevelopment areas.

The commission shall:

(1) Hold public hearings and provide notices as required by ordinance or state statute.

(2) Vote on all proposed redevelopment plans, redevelopment projects and designations of redevelopment areas, and amendments thereto, within thirty (30) days following completion of the hearing on any such plan, project or designation.

(3) Make recommendations to the governing body within ninety (90) days of the hearing concerning the adoption of, or amendment to redevelopment plans and redevelopment projects and the designation of redevelopment areas.