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WCVB Sponsorship Application

  1. The WCVB Sponsorship is only eligible for nonprofit (501c3 and 501c6) organizations hosting events or completing projects promoting Warrensburg tourism, resulting in a demand for overnight lodging in Warrensburg. The individual chosen as the main contact will serve as the point of contact for the WCVB.
  2. The amount of funds requested can not be 50 percent or more of the event/project's total budget. 

  3. Make sure to include how this will promote Warrensburg tourism and result in demand for overnight lodging in Warrensburg. 

  4. If funding from the WCVB is allocated, the applicant agrees to recognize the WCVB for the sponsorship by including the WCVB logo or by text: Financial assistance for {EVENT/PROJECT NAME} has been provided by the Warrensburg Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

  5. Amount requested can not be more than 50 percent of the event/project total budget. 

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